Chef costume

Chef costume
The chef's clothing has a profound history. The European aristocrats hired their own chefs to start their own cooking. Until the French Revolution broke out, these chefs fell to the streets.
The catering industry has only flourished since it opened its own business. (China has been a restaurant since the commercial development of the Song Dynasty.) Interestingly, the origin of the restaurant industry is early, but there is no
A complete and representative costume, until the establishment of the western kitchen in the 19th century, a simple white kitchen service.
With the changes of the times, the color of the chef's clothes is no longer limited to white, and the tailoring has also been looser than in the past, and now it has become more fit and stiff. But no matter what, when
Putting on this set of chef's clothes is a tradition of paying tribute to those who come over, and it is also a respect for the industry.
From the perspective of restaurant management, a well-decorated restaurant has a beautiful open kitchen. What the chef wears, the guests naturally see it clearly. At this time, the inside group
The team has become part of the style of the restaurant, and the importance of clothing is self-evident!

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KAP-001   Chef apron
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KC1-001   shirt

KC1-001 shirt

布料成份: 65% Polyester   35% Cotton..


KC1-003   Chef shirt
KC1-004   Chef shirt
KC1-005   Chef shirt
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